Be A H.E.R.O. Weir Cook Memorial Project Campaign- 2012

Weir Cook Memorial Project announces in an added effort, this year we are going to be contributing back to our youth via an anti-bullying campaign:   

BE A H.E.R.O   H-elp, E-ncourage, R-espect, O-thers

With our mission: To educate the public, especially our youth, of the roles of aviation pioneers and military heroes, through public displays and exhibits, and events.  We felt the need to try along with the other groups to help make a difference with this great anti-bullying campaign.  

Bullying has risen over the years, we hear some sort of bullying nightly on our news stations it seems. As we travel and speak to children around Indiana we'd like to contribute by reminding them to "Be A HERO". Just like the heroes we talk to them about. As a reminder to the youth we will be giving out Be A Hero- Bracelets in hopes we can help get the word out along with many other organizations and schools.